We swam from this:

The Water Canner & Rack,

Our parents perched on shore,

Upon Quilted Crystal Jars & Lids of sand.

We kicked our feet through preserves, fleeing

Jar Lifters and Lid Wands wearing whistles,

Determined we would never be jam.


For a writing assignment, my classmates and I were supposed to craft a poem inspired by words from various lists. We were challenged to write a poem that could be interpreted a couple of different ways. I chose the following list of canning supplies to draw from:

  1. Waterbath Canner & Rack
  2. Jar Lifter
  3. Wide-Mouth Funnel
  4. Lid Wand
  5. Half-Pint Jars & Lids
  6. Pint Jars & Lids
  7. Quart Jars & Lids
  8. Quilted Crystal Jars & Lids
  9. Extra Lids

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