I love school and I am so grateful for higher education but I am weary of never discussing important things. We skirt around them in our history, English, natural resource classes. In society. Why do we avoid difficult conversations? Why do we shy away from creativity and other ways of thinking?

It is the rare student, the lucky (and unfortunate) student who manages to learn how to think critically in our education system and question the very systems that govern us.

I love school but I am tired of not talking about the things that are most important — like how to be a good human that treats everyone with compassion and respect. We should discuss  how to change our ways so that everyone is valued and celebrated.

It is nearly impossible for me to consider what career is right for me when I am hung up on the ways people and ecosystems everywhere are being thrown away out of greed. Our very nation was founded on the genocide of Native populations and is still silent about it today while continuing to erase them from people’s general awareness. What are our values in this life?


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