a little kid with pizza (my celebration walk after finals)

I completed 3 classes today! Poetry (chapbook completed and presented!), Recreation Resource Management (Report completed and presented), and my Writing Center training (turned in my reflection and giggled and awkwardly blurted things out of delight from being emancipated from previous courses).

As a reward, I allowed myself TWO slices of pizza from American Dream. Not only that, I got to pick whatever slices I wanted! What a dream. I was so hungry and eager to assert my pizza freedom, however, I was too overwhelmed to make a decision right away. The lovely server gave me some time to collect my thoughts/messages from my stomach while the next person in line ordered. My choices: Ed Abbey (without the sun-dried tomatoes) and pineapple. 

After waiting 15 minutes and dinking around on the interwebs and texting a friend about the chance of snow (freezing my tootsies and nostrils off but where are the snow clouds?), my name was called. I might have sang thank you. I cannot remember. 

All I remember is speeding home, warming my hands with two white pizza boxes inhaling the smells of my prizes. I might have chortled whilst out on my own. I certainly grinned and pranced a couple of times.

I felt like I was a kid. And I was rewarding the kid. I felt affection for the kid — wanted to reward zer for doing a great job and for appreciating the moment. Then I went metacognitive on myself and I was thankful that even for a brief few minutes, I was able to celebrate and love myself so fully.

We don’t love ourselves enough. I don’t. Tonight, however, I was so happy to hang out with and be goofy with myself. That’s a gift.




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